About Us

Arsin designs and develops integrated optical measurement systems. Providing diagnostics and research on fluid mechanics, combustion, and fast phenomena are the company’s areas expertise. Based on our knowledge, there is not any optoelectronic issue which we could not find a solution for it. Our unique solutions make devices with lower price and easier to maintain whereas almost keeping the equivalent quality.

The leadership group consists of alumni and professors of the Sharif University of Technology, and our R&D team includes multidisciplinary professionals, e.g., electrical, software, mechanical, and aerospace engineers, in cooperating with physical scientists. The company has accomplished many successful projects in a span of ten years and has joined into the Iranian knowledge-based companies community since 2018. Some of the most well-known gas turbine industries and high-ranked universities in Iran are our customers and partners to develop and use our productions.

Now, Arsin is the pioneer company in Iran with a complete set of fluid mechanic laboratories and products at a comparable level to the world’s masters. Relying on the capability of our technical experts, we welcome the design of any special optical instruments for measuring and surveillance from the smallest size (technical microscopes and spectroscopes) to the large-scale objects (satellite optical payloads).

P.S.: Arsin is an ancient Aramaic word meaning Aryan son or son of Iran.